Great Review and Pre-order News!

Hello, Citizens! Victoria here. I wanted to share this great review from The Library Journal for Pat’s new book An Irish Doctor In Love and At Sea available for pre-order now!

Library Journal
★ 09/15/2015
Before Dr. Fingal Flahertie O’Reilly became the village doctor of Ballybucklebo, Ireland, he was a young surgeon-lieutenant in the British Navy aboard the HMS Warspite, honing his medical skills at the peak of World War II. In this latest addition to Taylor’s hugely popular “Irish Country” series (An Irish Doctor in Peace and at War), Dr. O’Reilly and his wife Kitty are enjoying the comfortable life of their quaint Irish village when an event commemorating the war causes O’Reilly to revisit old friends and his days as a young surgeon in wartime. Seamlessly shifting between the two eventful eras of his life, he recalls the excitement of learning his skills, pursuing his first love, Deirdre, and forging ahead during a time of terrifying uncertainty, while facing the present challenges of learning new skills, training novice doctors, and assisting comrades in times of need. Taylor is a master storyteller who meshes past and present with meticulous detail and sumptuous atmosphere. VERDICT This wonderfully fresh story in a great series is full of colorful characters, fascinating history, and charming Irish settings. Fans will be delighted to learn more of O’Reilly’s wartime years and catch up with Fingal and Kitty. New readers can step right into their lives and be swept away by remembrances of experiences aboard the HMS Warspite and the love story of Fingal and Deirdre.—Susan Clifford Braun, Bainbridge Island, WA

Pat’s newest publication just got this outstanding review from Kirkus Reviews, on the most respected book review resources, used by bookstores and libraries. Check it out:

Irish Country Wedding Paperback is #2

Hello, Citizens! Victoria here. A big thank you to our Canadian fans – again! The paperback version of An Irish Country Wedding, is #2 on the Globe and Mail bestseller list! Pat is delighted! Thank you, Canada!

Big News!

Good morning, friends! It’s Pat’s assistant Victoria here. We have some special news to announce to you today: Patrick has signed a contract with his publisher for a new Balleybucklebo Cookbook! We’re very excited about bringing you the delicious recipes of Kinky Kincaid and the residents of Balleybucklebo – we hope you are, too! In celebration of this exciting news check out this delicious recipe from the cookbook!

Homemade Gravadlax

This has to be easier than just about anything else in this cookbook and takes no time at all.

Salmon (Atlantic if you can get it for isn’t that the fish we eat in Ireland? And didn’t Finn MacCool eat Fintan the Salmon of knowledge and gain all the wisdom in the world?). A centre cut fillet weighing about 450g. /1 lb. bones removed. Leave the skin on, if there is any, as it will help when you are going to slice it.

Juice of 2 limes or lemons.

1 tablespoon Sea salt

I tablespoon Sugar

A good bunch of dill

Cut salmon into 2 pieces and lay one half, skin side down in a deep dish, lined with cling film,

Mix the juice, salt and sugar together. Chop the washed dill finely and spread half of it over the fish in the dish. Place the rest of the fish on top and cover with the remaining dill. Pour the juice mixture over the salmon. Bring the sides of the cling film over the top to seal it. Now place a weight on top of the cling wrap, whatever you have handy, such as a couple of tins of baked beans or anything else that feels just as heavy would do. Place in the fridge and leave for 24 to 36 hours. The fish ‘cooks’ or ‘cures’ in the sweet acidic juice and I think it helps if you turn it over once during the curing.

Remove from the fridge and rinse both pieces of salmon in ice cold water to wash off most of the dill. Then pat it dry between sheets of kitchen roll.

Place the fish on a cutting board and slice into very thin slices, removing it from the skin as you cut. A very sharp knife is required.

Arrange on a plate decorated with thin slices of cucumber, dill fronds and lemon wedges.

Serve buttered Irish wheaten bread and freshly ground pepper to accompany.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Good morning, friends! It’s Erin here, and Happy St Patrick’s Day to you! We have some special news to announce to you today: Patrick has signed a contract with his publisher for two new Balleybucklebo books! These will be books eleven and twelve in the series. We’re happy about it – we hope you are, too! There is one more bit of good news, but we have to keep it a secret for a bit longer. We’ll let you know as soon as we can, though. In the meantime we hope you have a wonderful St Patrick’s Day!

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